Watch John Oliver Describe To Letterman The Shame Of Being Married To A Combat Medic

Editorial Director
06.04.14 3 Comments

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight are taking over the world. No one denies this. But what makes Oliver so great — outside of making you sound smarter at cocktail parties — is his how very little he takes himself seriously.

Last night when he dropped by The Late Show to discuss the early success of his new HBO show, the conversation with Dave quickly turned to how unfortunate it is for the world at large to see his face plastered on buses and billboards (below) and how his combat nurse wife is a for-real hero and he’s just some clown feeding off her spiritual goodwill (above).

If you’re a fan of Oliver and never seen him talk about his personal life before, the above video is must watch, if for simply the Jim Gaffigan story at the end. /hums the Hot Pockets jingle

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