Here's A New Teaser For Season Two Of 'Orphan Black,' Two Days Before It Debuts On Television

Good news and bad news:

BAD NEWS: The second season of Orphan Black doesn’t premiere on BBC until April 19. April 19 is almost four full months away. Four months is a long time, and the four months in question will take place during winter, which is cold and dark and all-together unacceptable.

GOOD NEWS: The first teaser for the second season is now online, two days before it debuts on television during the Doctor Who Christmas special. Does it give us any hints about the upcoming season? Does it clue us in on what the clones have been up to? Does it feature a holiday theme, like, with all of the clones drunkenly singing karaoke at a Christmas party? Nope, nope, and, sadly nope. But it is something for you to hoard away until spring. Every little bit helps, you know?

(via EW)