Watch Russell Crowe Perform ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots

Russell Crowe is a rocker at heart. Everyone knows this. So when he visits The Tonight Show to promote Noah he of course spends the entire time talking about the many, many terribly named bands he’s been a part of over the years (below) and then performs Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to close out his segment.

None of this is a bad thing, mind you. Would you rather watch Russell Crowe blabber on about two of everything or do his best Russell Crowe does Elvis doing Johnny Cash ]while Jimmy Fallon impressively goes to town on the harmonica? Exactly. I’m still kind of shocked at how much I enjoyed it.

And here’s his bit on band names for good measure. They’re even more fun if you pretend Russell Crowe comes up for a new one for every one of his bowel movements.