Watch The Boozy Trailer For Lifetime’s Upcoming Anna Nicole Smith Movie

06.04.13 14 Comments

Lifetime has released the trailer for their upcoming Anna Nicole Smith biopic, The Anna Nicole Story. As you can imagine, it’s filled to the brim with booze and drugs and cleavage. But first, a little background on the film.

The Anna Nicole Story is based on the true story of Vicky Lynn Hogan, a pretty but plain girl who grew up in a small Texas town who transforms herself into Anna Nicole Smith, the voluptuous, Marilyn Monroe-esque Playboy pinup and model. Private Practice alum Agnes Bruckner portrays the title role in the movie, which premieres June 29.

The 60-second trailer released Monday portrays the glamour and the excess of Smith’s life, including her boozing and drug abusing. It’s set to a moody cover of the song “Fame” and features only one line of dialogue, in voice-over: “The price of fame, huh?” [THR]

Okay, two things:

1) There is definitely a good movie to be made about Anna Nicole Smith. She started with nothing, rode to fame and fortune on a train made out of silicone, married an octogenarian billionaire, was involved in a legendarily nasty fight over his will that made it all the way to the Supreme Court, starred in one of the most insane reality shows I have ever seen, lost her son to a prescription drug overdose while he was visiting her and her newborn baby in the hospital, and succumbed to some combination of psychological and substance abuse issues before her 40th birthday. That’s one hell of a life.

The problem is that Lifetime probably doesn’t have the restraint to make that movie. Judging by the trailer — which is basically 90 seconds of her rolling around in her underpants, dropping pills into glasses of champagne, and wearing clown makeup — they seem a little more interested in making a bustier, white trash version of Liz & Dick. Which, I mean, whatever. Fine. Lifetime do what Lifetime do, I guess. At least they didn’t cast Tori Spelling.

2) I’ve got $100 that says there’s a scene in this movie where Anna Nicole Smith has a breakdown in front of a mirror (mascara running, screaming, the whole nine yards) and then shatters it with a curling iron. Book it.

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