Watch The Cast Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Attempt To Recap The Entire Series In 30 Seconds

Game Of Thrones is just weeks away from premiering in over 170 countries simultaneously. Given the hugeness of George R.R. Martin’s story tapestry, some fans may need a refresher course before jumping back into the world of Westeros on April 12th. If you’re looking for a convenient catch-up, Entertainment Weekly asked members of the cast to recap all the series details that have transpired thus-far…in 30 seconds.

Maisie Williams summed things up rather nicely:

Death, death, death, revenge, death, revenge, death, revenge.

Kit Harington seemed a little dazed and/or confused with his description:

Ned gets killed. Dragons get hatched. Sex…not necessarily loving. Jon Snow gets progressively more upset.

Emilia Clarke pretty much hit the nail on the head with how she sees things:

Blood, death, boobs. Blood, death, boobs…dragons. Daenerys wins?

And Peter Dinklage summed things up in the best possible way.

Tyrion is a chemistry teacher at a high school, he finds this guy Jesse Pinkman and they get a Winnebago and then they get involved with some fried chicken place.

Someone find out what Aaron Paul is up to, stat!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)