Watch This Local News Anchor Tell Everyone The Meteorologist Has ‘A Little Wiener’

Oh local news teams, you never cease to amuse us. On a recent edition of Wake Up Alabama, anchors Stephen Hauck and Gina Redmond had a little playful banter going about their dogs, when Gina let loose a double entendre about weatherman Mark Prater’s pooch of choice. Of Mark’s dog, Gina said, “Mark has a little wiener,” and asked if he ever dresses the little wiener up. Gina seemed completely oblivious to what she just said, while Mark and Stephen were totally aware of what was going on, which is why Mark nearly dove beneath the desk from the shame of being tiny penised on TV.

To his credit, Mark rebounded nicely by saying that he dresses his little wiener up in long johns, but neither he nor most of the crew could keep it together. After all, there is nothing funnier on the local news than the accidental dick joke.

(H/T to Slade from HyperVocal)

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