Watch This Traffic Reporter Sing An Adorable ‘Frozen’ Parody About Staying Off Of Icy Roads

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This video is actually a week old, but it’s making the rounds today, and it’s cute, and it’s a late Friday afternoon, so let’s all just roll with it, okay?

From The Daily Dot:

After yet another snowstorm hit the Cincinnati area, WKRC traffic reporter Bob Herzog introduced his “Dance Party Friday” segment with a disclosure: he, like many of us, has seen Frozen in theaters with his daughter and has watched the various covers and parody videos on YouTube thousands of times.

One of the film’s songs resonated with him as a Traffic Man who has to report on the constant traffic jams and accidents that occur in winter.

And so, Herzog performed this parody of “Let It Go,” titled “Please Don’t Go,” which begs viewers to stay out of the awful winter weather for their own safety. He even included the clip of that girl who wiped out on the snow after declaring that the conditions were “perfect” for running. That was a nice touch. He’s no rapping weatherman or rapper sportscaster, but I give him a solid B+ for the effort.