Ways to Improve ‘Modern Family’

08.30.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

This was the last of the Emmy highlights that I enjoyed: in a pre-recorded segment, the cast of “Modern Family” reacts to corporate stuffed suit who throws out ideas to improve the Emmy-winning comedy. It starts off a little slowly — Stewie from “Family Guy” wore out his welcome long ago — but it picks up some steam (Sofia Vergara in 3-D? Yes please) and finishes strong with George Clooney. Most things with George Clooney finish strong, according to women’s desires and an article I read People Magazine.

So that’s that. If you missed the Emmys last night, you can read all the results and watch all the highlights in a span of about 15 minutes here at Warming Glow. I just saved you two hours and 45 minutes. Unless you actually watched the Emmys, in which case you didn’t have anything better going on anyway.

(Special thanks to bohemea and suicideblonde, who captured many of the Emmy images used here today)

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