06.18.09 9 years ago 25 Comments

Drew Magary just wrote a Penthouse column on the “badass ideal” in which he posited that no matter how much we all aspire to being a badass, the real world never allows us to reach such a rarefied status.

Counterpoint: Barack Obama stopped an interview with CNBC because a fly was buzzing around his head, stalked the fly with his eyes, then Miyagi’d it with lightning-fast reflexes.  Now, granted, I’ve swatted plenty of flies with my bare hands, and no one’s ever elected me president.  It’s not like he caught an assassin’s bullet in his teeth.  So I wasn’t all that impressed at first.

Then I realized: Obama’s left-handed.  He swatted that fly with his weak hand.  THAT’S what makes this video awesome to me.  My left hand is a partially formed claw that I use to hit the caps lock key and occasionally assist my right hand when I need to push something heavy.  You’ll see if you ever meet me, I’m the guy with a T-Rex forelimb for a left arm.  I sure as hell can’t swat flies with it.

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