Weekend Preview: Lingerie Football Catfight + More Football + Cancer

09.10.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Lingerie Football League (MTV2, Friday) — Season premiere. I like football. I like women in lingerie. I even like women being exploited for their looks during football games — but this is actually TOO pig-headed for me. Still, the WNBA could stand to learn a few things from the LFL.

College Gameday (ESPN, Saturday) — If you watch this Saturday morning stalwart of college football, then you should check out Spencer Hall’s behind-the-scenes look at the show for SB Nation. Yes, he met Erin Andrews.

Stand Up to Cancer (ABC, CBS, NBC, Friday) — Stop letting cancer push you around! This telethon will have a bunch of celebrities and reports about cancer. SPOILER ALERT: it’s bad. Please note that it won’t be shown on Fox, because Fox kinda likes cancer.

Four Weddings (TLC, Friday) — Season premiere. A reality show. Brides. TLC. What’s not to like? I mean, besides everything.

NFL Football (Fox/CBS/NBC, Sunday) — I won’t post this link every week, but for those of us without DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket, the TV distribution maps for which games are shown where are essential. Here’s the layout for Week 1.

Mad Men (AMC, Sunday) — Last week’s episode had some stellar acting, but I don’t think it was as super-outstanding as everybody says it was. I mean, it didn’t cure cancer or anything. That’s what telethons are for!

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