Weekend TV Preview: The Return Of Television’s Best Wife

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09.19.14 29 Comments

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network, Friday 9:30 p.m.) — Tonight, Guy Fieri goes “to a neighborhood joint in Boston known for Southern fare like chicken and waffles and Tater Tots.” OK. No. I love Boston, but where Fieri is going tonight is The Lower Depths, where you can get Tater Tot platters with bacon, Aioli, caramelized onions, etc. In the South, we have only ONE kind of tater tot. It’s called Ore-Ida, and it’s all right-a!

Z Nation (SyFy, Friday 10 p.m.) — The only thing I know about Z-Nation so far is that they don’t like it when you compare it to The Walking Dead.

Doctor Who (BBC America, Saturday 9 p.m.) — Last weekend’s episode, “Listen,” was the best Doctor Who episode since … I don’t know when. A long time. I’d just about given up on the Capaldi era, too.

Good Wife (CBS, Sunday 9:30 p.m.) — I’m so stoked that I don’t care about the Sunday Night Football game this weekend (Panthers vs. Steelers), so I can focus all of my attention on the return of The Good Wife. Quick: Is Julianna Margulies older or younger than Wilford Brimley in Cocoon (it’s closer than you think).

Madam Secretary (CBS, Sunday 8:30 p.m.) — Tea Leoni basically plays Hilary Clinton in CBS’s play to make a very intriguing 40-something power woman TV block.

The Knick (Cinemax, Friday 10 p.m.) — Best show on TV right now, and Andre Holland is the best unknown actor on TV right now.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO, Sunday 9 p.m.) — Were you wondering why Lucky Luciano suddenly has a droopy eye this season? Here’s your answer. Oh, and sh*t is going down this weekend.

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