Weekend Preview: Why Can’t More Less Talented People Die Young?

07.09.10 18 Comments

Not a bad day for old Danger Guerrero.  Only one “Bring back Matt” in the comments.  Although I’m sure the multitude of posts about sexy foreign chicks didn’t hurt.  K, I’m outta here.  Smell ya later.  (*throws smoke ball on ground, smoke clears, DG is still in room coughing*) Crap.  That woulda been cool.

Comedy Central Presents: Mitch Hedberg (Comedy Central, Friday) – Tonight at 9:30.  I’m on record as being a huge stand up comedy snob, and Mitch Hedberg is a major reason why.  This special is so good it exposes other hacky comedians for what they are.  It’s a crying shame he died so young.

The Hills: From the Beginning (MTV, Friday) – I wouldn’t watch this show if it was projected onto Marky Mark’s glorious abs.  CONFOUNDIT!  That’s not what I meant!  If only computers came equipped with some sort of “delete” or “remove” key for such snafus!

Bath Crashers (DIY, Friday) – A show about what Jaleel While allegedly did to his wife?  Already?  That was a fast.

The 2010 International Hooters Swimsuit Pageant (Spike, Saturday) – Average Spike viewer: “Bro, I totally think I nailed that one last weekend.  Wait, no.  She’s from Japan.  I drank a hundred beers, but I’d have remembered a sideways vagina.”

Entourage/Hung (HBO, Sunday) – After a week off, HBO is back with new episodes of its groundbreaking “Shows about giant dicks” Sunday night lineup.

100 Greatest Songs of the 90s (VH1, Friday) – A rerun, but worth noting to point out how much of a travesty it was that NOT.  A.  SINGLE.  Boyz II Men song made this list.  *puts on pastel dress shirt, drives to beach, sits on giant rock, stares out to sea, shirt blows in wind, BELTS OUT “End of the Road”*

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