Experience The Surreal Majesty That Is The Westminster Dog Show With The Dogs Removed

Who says you need dogs to have a dog show? A lot of people, really. Most people, we imagine. Organizations will probably say that too. That’s sort of the purpose of those hound-having get-togethers. The dogs are the stars of the show, we fall all over ourselves saying how adorable they look and there’s probably a secret elite tier of Milkbone products that we’ll never know about going into the mouths of these beasts. Dogs are the star attraction of these sorts of shindigs and it’d be a bit silly to imagine a dog show without these animals in the mix.

Um, so are you in the mood to get silly? Good! Jimmy Kimmel might be able to lend a hand.

On last night’s installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC’s late night funnyman presented a version of the prestigious Westminster Dog Show with all the prized pooches electronically removed. So instead of seeing dogs trotted around like the fancy lil’/big champions they are, we get the hilarious and oddly soothing image of owners dolled up and taking nothing for a stroll. It’s a FASCINATING image. Imagine a bunch of your mom’s co-workers got drunk, put on ensembles marked “business casual funeral,” and bopped around a garden center keeping some sort of invisible creature in check. Heck, no need to imagine it. Just hit play on the video above and it should provide everything you could possibly need. (Aside from dogs.)