The Official ‘Westworld’ Website Received An Update That Hints At Survivors For Season Two

As you might suspect from the headline above, there’s a touch of spoiler talk going on when it comes to the HBO gunslingin’ robots prestige series Westworld. Here’s a courtesy photo of Thandie Newton from the series as a friendly safety buffer and a reminder to catch up on the show if you’re behind. Do it for yourself, bud!

The official Discover Westworld website underwent an update that includes a fascinating (or possibly meaningless) flash of images teasing what’s to come in season 2. Seeing as we have to wait until 2018 fro that second season, we’ll take what we can get.

In the fun and delightfully terrifying .gif, an unknown user is shown attempting to reach out for help as sh*t’s going down at the park as things have gotten far less consequence-free. The pleading is interrupted, the “Journey Into Night” program is loaded and a registered user declares “All is well.” and “Celebrations continue” as human beings naturally do after a desperate search for help. Toss in a plug for Westworld’s rebirth and you’ve got some tidy online marketing that’s bound to unpacked within an inch of its life ahead of San Diego Comic-Con.

“Journey Into Night” is the title of the still far off season 2 premiere for Westworld. The interrupted chat sequence suggests bad things for the stranded guests, but you sorta new that was happening when the hosts hopped on the vengeance trolley. The next season won’t be picking up immediately where the last one ended, so that opens up the potential identity of that unidentified user to be nearly anyone. Or possibly no one at all. Either way, it’s a nice promo touch that feels like a throwback to the breadcrumbs that used to appear online in the late ’90s and early ’00s. Well done, TV!

(Via io9)