‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ Now Has An Alternate Opening That’s Heavy On The Crushing Reality Of Life

The latest season of Wet Hot American Summer gave us a look at the gang ten years after the events of the film and first Netflix series, but it almost seemed to move by too fast. You wanted more, possibly an entire episode of Ronald Reagan attempting to explain his evil plan to the former campers or even a bit more on their planned meeting at 9:30. That might be why Netflix released this alternate opening for the show, giving one last shot of nostalgia and delivering it with a punch to the gut.

It’s weird, it’s a little too realistic for some folks, and it’s a nice addition to the series if you were curious about what Coop was doing before he showed up at camp and wasn’t hanging out at his editor’s office. Turns out he’s just out there inadvertently crushing the dreams of waitresses and making stupid jokes, just living the American dream.

Another clip, posted earlier in the week over on David Wain’s account, shows just how he and the rest of the folks behind the show managed to get everybody back together for another season. While Bradley Cooper couldn’t make it work with his schedule, the rest made it happen and had to rely on the some trickery to create the final dinner scene with everybody saluting the camp one final time.

Just a little bit of the television magic, creating cities, bringing people together, and breathing life into giant beasts all through the use of green screen.

(Via The AV Club / Netflix)