The ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Team Will Regroup For A Sci-Fi ‘Love Boat’ Show

Truly entertaining entertainment news is difficult to come by on a Sunday evening, but a delightful tidbit has arrived for fans of Wet Hot American Summer. Three members of the team, which found much love and affection from Netflix, shall regroup for a TBS show that will star Michael Ian Black, who also dreamed up the project and will co-produce.

The show comes with a quirky description that sounds difficult to pull off but worth the effort. A Love Boat in space? Sure. Along with Michael Showalter, Jonathan Stern, and David Wain, Black scored a deal to make this happen:

TBS is looking to the Wet Hot American Summer revival team for its next comedy. The Turner-owned cable network has put in development Moon Cruise, starring Michael Ian Black and produced by his Wet Hot colleagues Michael Showalter, Jonathan Stern and David Wain.

Moon Cruise, a half-hour single-camera comedy, is described as The Love Boat but set in space. Additional plot details are being kept under wraps.

So much intrigue. There’s no word on whether the show will include an Isaac-esque bartender character, but any higher power worth its mettle should immediately conjure one up. After all, nothing can resemble Love Boat without an Isaac.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)