Whale Whores at It Again

10.08.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Hey, remember when the evil Japanese whaling ships sank the super-expensive high-tech speed boat that belonged to the “Whale Wars” crew? Well, according to a disgruntled former employee — the same one who attempted a citizen’s arrest on a Japanese boat in international waters — the ship was scuttled to make for better television.

Peter Bethune was captain of the hi-tech Ady Gil when its bow was shorn off in a collision with a Japanese whaler it was shadowing in January. It sank two days later, but Mr Bethune now alleges he was ordered to scuttle it by Sea Shepherd head Paul Watson…

Mr Bethune told New Zealand’s National Radio he believed Mr Watson wanted the sinking to “garner sympathy with the public and to create better TV”. [BBC]

Watson denies the claim, and the story certainly does have a certain whiff of cow excrement to it. But what impresses me most is the way these total pussies have made me sympathetic to Japanese whaling. I mean, I really like whales, and the industry is brutish and cruel and completely unnecessary in the 21st century. But if these fame-whoring douchebag hippies are against it, well… maybe those whales were askin’ for it.

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