Here’s How To Find FXX In Your Channel Lineup

We’ve been counting down to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League ringing in the FXX era in two weeks (promos here and here), but there’s one critical question we haven’t been able to answer: Where the hell can you find FXX?

Well, I’m happy to share FXX’s handy new website, Get FXX, where you enter your zip code and select your provider to discover where FXX will located in your channel lineup on September 2nd. If you’re me it’s conveniently right next to FX. /does the success kid

FXX comes to life on Labor Day — two days prior to the Sunny and League premieres — with a Parks and Recreation marathon. Literally the best way to debut a new network. This all feels like the sort of thing you celebrate with a rum ham…

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