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Better off Ted (ABC) — Premiering at the 8:30 time slot between new episodes of “Scrubs” and “Lost,” “Better off Ted” is an absurdist office comedy from Victor Fresco, who also created “Andy Richter Controls the Universe.”  I may actually have to watch.  This one might not suck. (teaser above)

America’s Next Top Model (CW) — Runway etiquette, Jill Stuart fashion show, photo shoot on a tour bus, someone gets eliminated, Tyra Tyra Tyra.  Fin.

Human Prey (Animal Planet) — Wolves hunt Canadian campers; a coyote attacks a man mowing his lawn; a cougar attacks a bicyclist.  See, that’s why I never go outside.

Ghost Hunters (Sci Fi) — “Sorry, gentlemen, these licenses are expired.  Ghost season ended in February.  We’re gonna have to take you down to the station on poaching charges.”

South Park/Important Things (Comedy Central) — New episodes.  A lot of people are down on “Important Things,” but I like it okay.  I’m also a huge dork who likes grammar jokes.

American Idol (FOX) — Carrie Underwood performs tonight. I swear this GD show is on five or six nights a week.  **wanking motion** Wait, was that wanking motion dismissive of “Idol,” or genuine sentiment towards Carrie Underwood?  I don’t even know any more.

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