What’s on 2nite: ‘Chicago Code’ Finale

05.23.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

The Chicago Code (Fox) — Season/series finale. “Code’s” best — perhaps only — hope to get the “Southland” treatment is to deliver an uptick in ratings for the finale. I won’t hold my breath.

The Bachelorette (ABC) — Season premiere. Ashley Hebert begins her search for love by sifting through 25 men so desperate to be on television that they’re willing to compete against 24 other dudes for the right marry a woman selected for them by a TV network.

Too Big to Fail (HBO) — Ordinarily, financial stuff bores me to tears — why do you think I have such a lousy job? — but the previews of this original movie about the 2008 financial meltdown look downright gripping. Starring William Hurt in an all-star cast that includes Paul Giamatti and directed by Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential, 8 Mile).

Dancing with the Stars (ABC) — The final three dancers compete for the last time before tomorrow night’s finale. Not that the dancing remotely matters at all, as evidenced by Kirstie Alley’s continued presence on the show.

The Event (NBC) — Series finale. Would you look at that? I had no idea that this show was still on the schedule.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Lady Gaga and Eric Stonestreet on Letterman; Dustin Hoffman and Meghan McCain on Leno; Wanda Sykes and “Bachelorette” Ashley on Kimmel; Jack Black and Rampage Jackson on Ferguson; Bon Iver performs on Fallon; and Ken Jeong on Conan (with a performance by Yeasayer).

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