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TCM Summer Under the Stars: Audrey Hepburn (TCM) — It’s a full day of Audrey Hepburn movies.  Noticeably absent: the wildly overrated Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the outstanding Charade.  My favorite Audrey movie, Roman Holiday, airs at 10:30 Eastern (check local listings).

More to Love (Fox) — Remember when this show had buzz?  Two weeks ago?  Yeah, that’s over now.

NYC Prep (Bravo) — Season finale, thank God.  Has this been renewed?  I can’t remember if I read that somewhere or if it was just a bad dream.

Better Off Ted (ABC) — Back-to-back episodes tonight.  And while ABC execs are laying out some nice confident  platitudes about the show, I’d really prefer it if they gave it a consistent time slot and devoted some advertising to it.

30 Best & Worst Beach Bodies (E!) — Don’t you ever change, E!

Sports Soup (Vs.) — Judging by the proliferation of humorous sports blogs, there’s definitely a market for this show.  And ‘The Soup” is pretty good, so this should be good, right?  Nope, it sucks.  How did that happen?  Writing modestly funny sports content is one of the easiest jobs on the planet.  Believe me, I did it for over two years.

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