What’s on Tonight: Bikini Time!

05.12.10 9 years ago 13 Comments

Modern Family (ABC) — The show continues its Hawaiian vacation story line, raising the possibility that we’ll see Julie Bowen in a bikini (or preferably Sofia Vergara). My God, look at her stomach. Who’s her trainer? Atlas? In other “MF” news, Vergara will announce the Emmy nominations with Joel McHale. Damn, that’s a whole lot of sex appeal from the year’s best new network sitcoms. Can we pay them to make out or something?

The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS) — Season finale. See image at right.

America’s Next Top Model (CW) — Season finale. See image at right.

Mercy (NBC) — Season finale. See image at right.

Worst-Case Scenario (Discovery) — A new half-hour show with Bear Grylls (see video below). Best Week Ever has an interview with Bear about it. It’s longer than the one that I did, but it didn’t involve showing him any pictures of cat Photoshops.

Minute to Win It (NBC) — Wait, this is on Wednesdays now? Wasn’t it on Sundays before? TRICK QUESTION! I actually don’t care! On tonight’s episode, Kevin Jonas plays for charity. I assume that’s on of the Jonas brothers. Man, this show is really loaded with stuff I don’t care about.

E! Investigates: Rich Kids Who Kill (E!) — Poor rich kids. They’re crying out for someone to set boundaries for them. By killing people.

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