What’s on Tonight: Christian Slater’s Huge, Smooth Forehead

Breaking In (Fox) — Series premiere. Christian Slater stars in this sitcom about a tech security firm that operates like Robert Redford et al at the beginning of Sneakers (“My voice is my… passport?”). There’s a decent chance that this will be somewhat watchable, but there’s an even better chance that the show’s title will just make me long for the return of “Breaking Bad.”

Glamour Belles (Lifetime) — Series premiere. I shared a preview of this last month — it’s Sassy Ostrich’s favorite new show!

Extreme Couponing (TLC) — Series premiere. Rich Juzwiak at TV Guide loves it — “It’s like Supermarket Sweep with all the hustling playing out in these people’s heads” — but mostly because these people are insane.

Workaholics (Comedy Central) — Series premiere. I caught the sneak preview of this after the roast of Donald Trump, and from what I remember, it was kinda funny. But I was also pretty drunk by that point, so take that with a dash of bitters.

Justified (FX) — This is the single most buzzed-about TV episode of the young year. Critics have been tripping over each other to praise tonight’s episode, which not only concludes the set-up from last week, but also — according to some — would have been a satisfying finale if the season ended tonight. I’ve also heard rumors that a recurring character dies tonight. So yeah, you should probably get excited.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Danny McBride on Conan; Don Rickles and Eva Longoria on Letterman; Matthew Morrison and Carrie Underwood on Leno; Norm MacDonald on Kimmel; Ellen Page on Ferguson; and Jennifer Garner and Donald Glover on Fallon. Also, I’m interested to see if Colbert and Stewart have time to address the Glenn Beck story — the news broke not long before their usual scheduled tapings. Full listings here.