What’s On Tonight: ‘Cold Case’ Brings Nordic Mystery To AMC, And ‘Genera+ion’ Goes Exploring On HBO Max

Cold Courage (AMC+) — Two Nordic women find themselves drawn together during the investigation of a series of London-set murders. The story’s based upon Finnish journalist Pekka Hiltunen’s bestselling novels and aims to unite the two aforementioned women (a psychologist who favors underdogs and a graphic artist who’s fleeing from her abusive stalker. Together, the two women want to write wrongs that are committed to the powerful, and a charismatic politicians is promising to sort-of Make Great Britain Great Again. This show is dropping three initial episodes with subsequent weekly followups.

Genera+ion: Season 1 (HBO Max) — Get ready for a dark and playful half-hour series that revolves around high school students who are finding their coming-of-age exploration of sexuality complicated by the deeply held beliefs that persist throughout their conservative community. The series stars Chase Sui Wonders, Chloe East, Haley Sanchez, Lukita Maxwell, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Nathanya Alexander, Nava Mau, Uly Schlesinger, Justice Smith, and Martha Plimpton.

The Unicorn (CBS, 9:30pm EST) — It’s colonoscopy time for Wade, Forrest and Ben, and this could either turn into one hell of a bonding experience or something that could break them. On the female side of things, Michelle’s attempting to dodge Meg’s relationship drama.

Clarice (CBS, 10:00pm EST) — The Silence of the Lambs franchise sees Clarice Starling confined by a serial killer who happens to hail from the medical expression. The protagonist will suffer from intense hallucinations, and this sounds utterly terrifying.

Cake (FX, 10:00pm & 10:30pm EST) — Season 4 begins for this assortment of bite-sized shorts, and this year, the diverse array of narratives is anchored by Nine Films About Technology from Peter Huang. Expect a loosely connected set of stories that get darkly comedic and explore human relationships in an era of (arguable) over-connectivity.

The Hustler (ABC, 10:00pm EST) — Host Craig Ferguson stands by while contestants compete for money, and “The Hustler” among them keeps doing his or her secretive and enigmatic thing.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! — Coronaversary Show? Oh boy.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon — Jennifer Garner, Don Lemon, Adrianne Lenker

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Eddie Murphy, Tiana Major9

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Amy Poehler, Phoebe Bridgers, John Herndon

In case you missed these recent picks:

Mr. Mercedes: Season 3 (Peacock series) — The crime-thriller series that’s based upon Stephen King’s best-selling Bill Hodges Trilogy continues from executive producer David E. Kelley and director Jack Bender. Viewers know that this series brings us a very different Holly Gibney (as portrayed by Justine Lupe) than the one we witnessed on HBO’s The Outsider (as played by Cynthia Erivo), and this season was co-written by Kelley and King. Settle in as the murder of a beloved local author (and American icon) becomes the focus of Hodges, Holly, and Jerome, who find that this case is much more complex than mere cold-blooded killing.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (Paramount+ movie) — Look for Keanu Reeves’ cameo in this irreverent animated adventure, which follows SpongeBob and Patrick, his starfish pal, looking to vindicate Mr. Krabs after he’s been framed for heisting King Neptune’s crown. In doing so, they must leave their Bikini Bottom refuge and make their way to Shell City in a journey that illuminates the power of friendship. In addition to the actual movie goodness, check out our “Rapid Fire” video with rapper 2KBaby as he looks to beat the buzzer in a quiz.

Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests (HBO Max documentary) — Personality tests can be insightful, sure, but they can also reflect into doing more harm than good when they’re essentially applied out of context, despite a gut feeling that these things are the object of American obsession.