01.05.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

The Biggest Loser (NBC) — Season 9 premiere. As you’ve probably seen, NBC is promoting it by saying this season has the heaviest contestants ever. That’s just sad.

Half-Ton Teen: Confronting Addiction (Discovery Health) — Billy Robbins was once the world’s heaviest teenager. As he begins gaining more weight, his mother tries to help him cure his eating addiction. I eat every day, maybe I’m addicted too!

Better Off Ted (ABC) — Two new episodes air tonight, which kind of gives me the feeling that ABC is burning through the episodes to be done with it. Seriously: there are executives at ABC who are willfully incompetent.

Homecoming with Rick Reilly (ESPN) — Chris Paul helps Reilly produce sap.

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Iowa (Fox) — As tempting as the countless shots of the marching bands during Fox’s abominable college football coverage may be, I haven’t seen Avatar yet. I think I’ll go to the movies tonight.

Other Assorted Crap (Other Channels) — There’s lots of new programming now that we’re fully into the New Year, but very little I can force myself to work up the proper disdain for. You’ll have to go find it yourself.

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