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Soccer: United States vs. Mexico (Telemundo) — Correction: Fútbol: México vs. Estados Unidos.  This is on right now, live from Mexico.  You don’t have to like soccer; you just have to hate the Mexican soccer team.  Mexico just tied it up in the 19th minute after a Charlie Davies goal in the 10th minute.  Dammit.

America’s Got Talent (NBC) — I just really want this to be called “America Has Talent.”  It sounds more dignified.  Now bring on the guy who can play “Dixie” with armpit fart noises!

Criss Angel: Mindfreak (A&E) — Hey Criss, I gotta trick you can do: Why doncha DISAPPEAR?!?!  Zing.

Wipeout (ABC) — For what it’s worth, ABC has gotten the lowest network ratings in the 18-49 demographic IN HISTORY three different times this summer.  That pleases me greatly.

Truth Be Told (TLC) — Two obsessive hoarders are profiled before their families stage an intervention.  I liked this better when it was last night’s season finale of “Obsessed” on A&E.

Hard Knocks (HBO) — Season premiere of what’s going on at the Cincinnati Bengals’ training camp.  I’ll be live-blogging this over at Kissing Suzy Kolber.

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