What’s on Tonight: INTENSITY!

12.14.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Explorer: Born to Rage? (National Geographic) — As noted earlier, Henry Rollins hosts this investigation of the newly discovered warrior gene. Read my interview with Rollins here.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Christmas (BBC America) — MERRY FOKIN’ CHRISTMAS, ARSEHOLE.

The Biggest Loser (NBC) — Season finale. On one hand, it’s really cool to see former tubs of lard take pride in their newfound physical fitness. On the other, keep your shirts on, people. You still have all that excess skin hanging off you from when you were fat. You look like Buffalo Bill’s ultimate catch.

Third Reich: The Rise (History) — Finally, a break from “Ice Road Truckers” and “Pawn Stars” to showcase what the History Channel does best: NAZIS! You know, the Holocaust gets so many headlines, it’s nice to see the Beer Hall Putsch and the Reischstag fire get some attention. (Followed by “Hitler’s Family” at 11 p.m. Eastern.)

Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection (Bravo) — The Real Housewives of somewhere appear on this 75-minute episode. GRRRR EXTREME FASHION FOR WOMEN AND GAYS!

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