01.18.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

24 (Fox) — Season premiere. They’ve got a sexy new CTU in New York City for this day, with Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prinze, Jr added to the cast. I hope there’s a crossover promotion for that new Harrison Ford movie, and Kiefer Sutherland says to Brendan Fraser, “I ALREADY WORK AROUND THE CLOCK!” (Preview clip here.)

Be Good Johnny Weir (Sundance) — Series premiere. Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir does… uhhh… I don’t know, exactly. Watch the trailer below. I promise you won’t regret it. Spoiler alert: Iiiiit’s faaaaaabuloooooousss! (more at With Leather)

Life Unexpected (The CW) — Series premiere. A 15-year-old orphan goes to live with her 31-year-old birth mother who put her up for adoption. Awkward! Watch a preview clip here.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) — Amanda Peet guest stars. I held the door for her on the subway once. No makeup, sweats, holding her toddler — and I still kept running the nude scene in The Whole Nine Yards in my head. I’m an awful person.

The Buried Life (MTV) — Series premiere. I’m astounded by how not-crappy this looks. It’s about four guys who go around doing what amounts to a “bucket list,” but along the way they help other people fulfill their dreams. I don’t get it. Is MTV playing a prank on us? Where are the spoiled teenage girls acting irresponsibly?

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