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There’s nothing on tonight that I really wanted to feature up top, and I didn’t get around to writing about Marisa Miller’s appearance on last night’s episode of “The Tonight Show” (watch: part 1, part 2), so here you go. Marisa Miller. That should get us through to tomorrow. (Yes, there will be a couple new posts both tomorrow and Friday, so please keep coming back.)

Gary Unmarried (CBS) — Well, well, well… Look who’s guest starring: supermodel Marisa Miller. Guess my banner image is related after all. Too bad I wouldn’t watch this unless all the Victoria’s Secret models got naked and made out, and even then I’d probably think twice if Jay Mohr were in any way involved.

The Biggest Loser (NBC) — It’s gotta be so nice to be fat at Thanksgiving. Us regular folk actually gain noticeable weight over the holidays, but fat people have it made. What’s a few more gallons in the ocean?

Glee (Fox) — I think this is the last episode before the show goes on a four-month hiatus, also known as a “hi-gay-tus.” Rapper Eve guest stars.

College Basketball (ESPN 2) — UConn vs. LSU and Arizona State vs. Duke. You’d be hard-pressed to find two American colleges more different than ASU and Duke. At least in terms of my feelings for them. And my feelings are the gold standard, I think.

Modern Family (ABC) — Cameron dresses up as a clown for Luke’s birthday. Oh man, a fat gay clown? That’s either comedic gold or a serial murderer.

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