What’s on Tonight: Obscure Jokes!

02.24.11 8 years ago 14 Comments

Archer (FX) — Before anyone else emails this to me: yes, I have seen the A.V. Club’s excellent interview with series creator Adam Reed. Here’s what he said about Warming Glow’s Ten Most Obscure ‘Archer’ Jokes article: “I thought it was pretty neat. I’m shocked that somebody took the time to do that. I thought it was pretty interesting. As a frustrated English major, it’s nice to have people pick up on these really obscure references.” Buddy, you wouldn’t be surprised by the time we spent looking up “Archer” jokes if you saw how many hours I searched for corgis wearing sunglasses. (p.s. Judge Crater joke explained here.)

Outsourced (NBC) — As reader Clue Heywood noted, tonight’s episode is titled “Take This Punjab and Shove It.” And that’s why NBC kept “Parks and Recreation” off the air for an extra four months. Hard to imagine why NBC is struggling.

American Idol (Fox) — The show winnows down the field to 24 semifinalists. Live episodes start next week. Yay.

Royal Pains (USA) — Season finale. The only thing I know about this show is that there’s a doctor. I don’t know what the “royal” part is. Maybe he’s a doctor for a prince? Or someone really rich? What, why are you looking at me? What am I, some kind of TV blogg– oh. Right.

Jersey Shore (MTV) — I have now established a pattern for this show: watch the beginning of the season, sing its praises, get three episodes in, grow weary of the drama, stop watching. Basically all I want from this show is Mike, Vinnie, and Pauly reacting to JWoww wearing slutty outfits.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Nobody on the docket really sparks my interest, so here’s a late-night GIF for you:


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