What’s On Tonight: ‘The Flash’ And ‘New Amsterdam’ Return For Fresh Seasons

The Flash (CW, 8:00pm) — Season 7 begins with Barry attempting to save his speed through an experiment that does not go well. As a result, a dangerous plan launches on behalf of Nash Wells, who’s trying to save The Flash, all while Iris has a startling realization.

Young Rock (NBC, 8:00pm) — This week, Rocky’s early 1980s time in Hawaii leads to his career skyrocketing, but a rival promoter is causing difficulties. Dwayne Johnson’s gotten very real in interviews while discussing his difficult adolescence and young adulthood, but this show will take a comedic stance while focusing on how he hustled his way into wrestling superstardom (before his eventual presidential ambitions).

Kenan (NBC, 8:30pm) — The longest-tenured cast member on SNL (and he’s not leaving) now breaks into the family comedy business with co-star Don Johnson in tow. This week, Kenan’s wrestling with his work schedule after he adds another hour to his show, all while balancing home life.

Superman and Lois (CW, 9:00pm) — The world’s most famous superhero (Superman/Clark Kent) and the most famous journalist (Lois Lane) are leading a more ordinary existence than expected as working parents. This week, they’re attempting to make decisions about childrearing, and tensions are rising elsewhere.

Black-Ish (ABC, 9:00pm) — Dre finds himself feeling out-of-touch with his clients, all while he’s attempting to show Diane the ropes with the hip-hop business.

Mixed-Ish (ABC, 9:30pm) — Alicia and Denise are feeling the Black women stereotypes at their work palce while Harrison’s attempts to help the matter screws things up even more.

Prodigal Son (FOX, 9:00pm) — Martin gets a new job, and Malcolm is moving onto his next case, which involves the murder of a famous plastic surgeon.

New Amsterdam (NBC, 9:00pm) — Season 3 begins with a plane crash in the East River while the pandemic is ongoing, and the flight crew must be interrogated with all those fun precautions that we’re all used to in real life.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! — Charles Barkley, Mads Mikkelsen, Davido

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert — Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jon Batiste

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon — Nick Jonas, Rita Ora

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Stacey Abrams, JP Saxe, Maren Morris

Late Night With Seth Meyers –Regina King, Kathryn Hahn, and Chang-rae Lee