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Gossip Girl (CW) — I still can’t care any less about this show, but I sure do like looking at Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Apparently Meester’s new single debuts during tonight’s episode, and I was going to link to the YouTube video of it because she looks damn sexy, but then it got pulled for copyright infringement. Then I was going to link to the song only, but it sounds terrible and I respect you too much to do that. (full version of banner pic here)

Lopez Tonight (TBS) — Series premiere. Can it be a finale as well? Because that would be nice.

CSI: Miami (CBS) — Tonight marks the beginning of CSI’s three-part crossover this week. I guess I could make a “threesome” pun and put some shades on, but I don’t want to get too predictable.

House (Fox) — If the promos are to be believed, House shows up to an ’80s party dressed as a character from the 181780s. How embarrassing! How embarrassing that I essentially told that joke three years ago on With Leather, that is.

Two and a Half Men (CBS) — The kid who plays the half-man is now 16 and planning to go to college, and I saw in some article he’s not even sure he wants to be an actor. Sounds about right. He has a long, full life of taxidermy and sex crimes ahead of him.

Monday Night Football (ESPN) — Steelers-Broncos. Blech, two of my least-favorite teams. Which is to say: my least-favorite team and a team I didn’t want to be good this season. I’ll be getting drunk at the live-blog at KSK; please do stop by and leave some funny comments.

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