‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Opened Last Night’s Episode With A Dog Riding A Scooter Across The Stage

02.19.13 5 Comments

It’s Pet Lovers Week on Wheel of Fortune, and they kicked the whole thing off last night by having a dog ride a scooter across the stage. I don’t mean “a dog sitting on a scooter that someone pushed across the stage,” either. I mean straight-up riding a scooter, pushing with one of his rear paws and resting his front paws up on the handlebars. One hundred percent legit scooter-riding. I have been looking for a video or a GIF of it all day, but the Internet has totally let me down to this point. Please accept this banner image of him riding the scooter outside the studio, and these all-caps tweets I fired off as it was happening, as proof. It was the best thing I’ve seen on the show since the “I Have The Wine” clip, or the time a guy guessed “Leather Mullet” instead of “Leather Wallet.”

In looking for the video, however, I did manage to uncover some background information. The scooter-riding dog in question is named Norman the Scooter Dog (I wonder how they came up with the name), and he has his own Facebook page and everything. I’ve posted two videos of him after the jump: one where he’s riding the aforementioned scooter, and one where he’s riding a bike.

We are getting closer to the Dog X-Games every day, people. It’s only a matter of time.

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