When Will The ‘Manifest’ Finale Stream On Netflix?

Flight 828 is coming back to Netflix (much like a Lucifer resurrection) after an NBC cancellation. When will Manifest return for its final season?

Yes, those callings (or rather, the voices in passengers’ heads) must lead somewhere. Fortunately, Manifest creator Jeff Rake will be able to tie up the discombobulated story threads and tell us exactly why that flight slipped off the radar. It’s a return that may not have happened after NBC decided to axe the wildly popular supernatural soap opera after three seasons. And please, won’t someone let Olive have some (inconsequential) fun in life that doesn’t involve a cult? That poor girl needs a break.

The fourth season of the show is on the way, and it will be a supersized one. The show’s been filming since since fall 2021, November to be more specific. And with some pandemic-related delays to be expected, of course, it feels like some real news should be on the way. Even Manifest fan one Stephen King supported the show’s return. Of course, we won’t quite get the six seasons that Rake had initially planned out, but here’s what we know so far.

The season will be a super-sized one, coming in at 20 episodes. Don’t be too surprised if that season arrives in more than one part, as with Ozark. To back that gut feeling up, TV Line recently reported that the final season will indeed “be delivered in multiple parts” that will arrive “late this year.”

As far as a firmer arrival date goes, that was a question posed to Rake from King on Twitter. In response, Rake responded, “I’m hearing November.”

Now, let’s talk about the finale episode.

So, November 2022 is the most official thing that we’ve heard so far, but if one wants to have some fun, roll a Reddit theory around for style. It would be fitting for the show to pick its “death date” (a huge, and rightful, obsession of characters on the show) match up with the show’s finale. If that’s the case (and this is a total shot in the dark), then June 2, 2024 could hold some significance. Can people wait that long, and would the powers that be even want to play that way? No one’s telling, but it’d be trippy.

(Via TV Line & Jeff Rake on Twitter)