When Will ‘Reacher’ Season 2, Episode 8 Come Out?

Reacher returned like a reliable force of nature to the Amazon streaming waves and has been kicking baddies’ booties over the past two months again. However, it’s almost time for Alan Ritchson’s leading brick wall to hop back on the road and prepare to turn up in Somewhere, U.S.A. for Season 3. (Don’t worry, it’s already filming, and Ritchson can always stop real-life robberies in between airdates to stay on his beefy toes.)

Yep, it’s season finale time. “Fly Boy” happens to be the name of this episode, and now, I’m imagining Ritchson leaping into this dance from In Living Color in a sketch that featured Jennifer Lopez. Someone get these two in a Netflix movie together already.

When does Season 2, Episode 8 arrive?

“Fly Boy” will surface on Friday, January 19. Neagley, Dixon, and O’Donnell are still helping Reacher fight for their lives at the beginning of the episode, but who’s to say what will happen before the credits roll? Also, someone needs to terminate Robert Patrick’s character, stat.

Additionally, the finale’s episode description (and it is a nail biter of an episode, my friends) suggests that those bodies will continue to hit the floor:

Reacher finally comes face-to-face with Langston as we learn the brutal truth about Swan. An all-out war between our heroes and Langston culminates in a violent climax where blood is shed and bodies fall — some from the sky.

It’s almost pie time again. Reacher streams on Amazon Prime.