What Worked And Didn’t Work In The Thrilling ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Finale

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10.03.16 6 Comments


The two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead airing last night marked the end of a fitfully frustrating, maddening and occasionally entertaining second season. In fact, the final two hours were much like the season as a whole: Some good, some bad, and just barely enough promise to keep most viewers hanging on for a third season. There were certainly some missteps in the finale, but none so egregious as to inspire large numbers to rage-quit, especially after the compelling tease in the final seconds.

Here’s an overview of what worked and didn’t work in the Fear the Walking Dead season finale.

Worked: The Introduction of Dayton Callie


Honestly, though he had only a few seconds of screen time, my favorite moment in the entire episode was the brief introduction of Sons of Anarchy and Deadwood alumni Dayton Callie, who took a few shots at Ofelia before welcoming her to America. He arrived about three-quarters through the first episode of the night and sadly didn’t show up again in the finale. However, that guarantees that Callie will return in the third season for what hopes to be a long arc on the series. After all, the man’s character survived cancer for seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, so if anyone can outlast the zombies, it’s Dayton Callie.

What it means for Ofelia is also of interest, of course. Callie’s character is not likely to kill Ofelia, because that would be pointless. It would also prevent the inevitable reunion with Madison and Travis. He is more likely to help Ofelia find her way back to Madison and Travis and hopefully become a regular cast member on the series, because Dayton Callie would be an instant fan favorite on a show in desperate need of fan favorites.

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