Which AMC Star Has A ‘Sex Gypsy’ Past?

Over the weekend I was reading a dumb New York Post trend piece on sex gypsies — the Post‘s term for people who f*ck around so that they’ll have a place to sleep at night — when I ran across this little nugget…

Not everyone is easygoing about opening their homes, though, and not all sex gypsies are so straightforward.

Emily, 37, a scriptwriter from the Upper East Side, was upset that her actor boyfriend broke up with her, left for LA — and then sex gypsied her.

“He rekindled it a month later so he could ‘spend the weekend’ with me,” she says, “which I realized later was because he didn’t want to get a hotel room and had a bunch of auditions in NYC.”

The actor now has a show on AMC.


Who could it be? Here are my guesses, based on the interpretation that “has a show” means that whoever it is is the star of a show.

1. Aaron Paul — The most obvious choice. So easy to see Jesse Pinkman hooking up with a slightly older woman for food and shelter.

2. Jon Hamm — Though he seems settled down now, you just know that Hamm had a swinging single period, what with those good looks and that disruptive Hamm-bone of his.

3. Bryan Cranston — I heard an interview with Cranston once where he actually used the word “gypsy” to describe his pre-fame life. At one point, he even worked on a traveling carnival show as I recall. However, the gap in age between Cranston and the girl in the article, plus the number of years back this would have to be, means that it’s likely not him. Still, I want to believe.

4. Andrew Lincoln — He’s English, and being a sex gypsy seems like such an English thing to do.

5. Richard Sommer — Yeah, yeah, I know he’s not the lead in a show, but I just like the idea of Harry Crane being a sex gypsy.

Your own reckless speculation is encouraged in the comments.