Here’s What We Know About Dwight, The New Addition To ‘The Walking Dead’

(Spoilers and junk for Walking Dead season 6 and comics.)

It’s confirmed: After some speculation, the shifty new character we were introduced to in The Walking Dead is Dwight, an important player in the comics. But who is Dwight? What can we expect from him and his blonde companion? And most importantly, when will Daryl get his crossbow back?

In “Always Accountable,” we follow Daryl on a roller coaster of trust and emotions when he met a trio of new survivors, clearly on the run from some big bad that may or may not be Negan and the Saviors. (New band name, I call it.) They twice strip him of his weapons and bike, leaving him with a simple whittling project to pass the time. AMC has announced that the male leader of this group is Dwight, a man with a burned face who kills Abraham in the comics. But it’s still unclear what he’ll do in the TV series — he already differs in appearance and other aspects, and his partner, Honey, does not appear in print.

If nothing else, Dwight’s presence means the Saviors (or equivalent) will be upon Rick and the surviving Alexandrians soon. As for Daryl’s crossbow, Michonne (and Arya in Game Of Thrones) have proven that iconic characters won’t be separated from their iconic weapons for too long. So on that point, we can rest assured.

What role do you think Dwight will play in the show?

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