Who Plays The New Cal In ‘Manifest?’ Meet Ty Doran

Manifest Season 4 brought Flight 828’s mystery to Netflix, and with it, major changes happened for one character. In between all of the shuffling between NBC and Netflix, it seems that troubled twin Cal Stone touched an airplane wing, and that instantly aged him five years. Does that new five years now close the gap between himself and reality, all after every passenger missed five years due to a mystery blip? There’s no telling, but we’re here to talk about the new actor who’s playing Olive’s brother.

^^ Ty Doran ^^ is now stepping into the same shoes (albeit in a bigger size) that Jack Messina once filled as the young Cal. Messina has been sharing headlines about the sci-fi soap-opera’s return, which makes this all very bittersweet.

As it happens, Doran does look as though he could be an older Messina, so the change actually isn’t too jarring. Doran has been kicking around in Hollywood for a handful of years. He began with voice work and moved into guest roles on The Blacklist, Bull, and Chicago Fire. And he’ll bring home the final full season of Manifest, which will run at least 20 episodes with the first chunk already landing on November 4.

How this will all end for Cal remains a mystery. He suffered from seemingly grave health issues in earlier seasons and experienced particularly debilitating callings and high fevers. When Season 4 begins, he’s hiding from the public at large to avoid media and government scrutiny for his miraculous new stature. All of this is happening while the passengers collectively careen towards a June 2, 2024 death date, which I still maintain would be a cool day to drop the final batch of episodes. It seems doubtful that this is the actual plan, although it might have been the template laid out when showrunner Jeff Rake originally aimed for six seasons. At least Cal will get to experience some of it as a young adult, though.

Manifest‘s fourth season began streaming on November 4.