Who Won’t Make It Out Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six Midseason Finale?

(Possible spoilers for season 6 of The Walking Dead and comics.)

This season, we’ve seen a few close calls for the major characters of The Walking Dead, partially due to not-at-all-manipulative shots. The show saved Glenn and Spencer, both of whom nearly died again on this week’s episode. But if past midseason finales are any indication of what to expect (Hershel, Beth, and Sophia), we’ll lose a beloved character, or at least one who has outlived his or her significance. Who will die in the midseason finale of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season? Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Glenn is an option as he isn’t safe yet, although he might be going all Up and flying away on some more balloons. He isn’t at the top of the list since the show just spent a few weeks toying with us about Glenn’s life, not to mention the possibility the show will give him his character’s comic book fate at the hands of Negan. Ron might actually pull the trigger and take out Carl, but that also doesn’t seem likely since that tower kinda put a damper on his not-so-subtle stalking skills. A bigger possibility is Morgan dying at the hands of Carol because of his Wolf mentee. If the comics are any indication, Jessie could be the next to go, because those kids need even more anguish. My hopes are on Father Gabriel biting it. What has that guy really contributed since they brought him on board? One thing is for certain, though: no one is safe, and they need to come up with a better security system than a big wall for their next community. This is starting to be like the Three Little Pigs, amirite?

Who do you think will meet their end in the midseason finale?

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