08.25.09 9 years ago 7 Comments

Ah, the local news blooper.  It really enriches my life.  It’s just a simple mistake, a little bit of human error, and yet it gives me a disproportionate amount of happiness.  I mean, I make mistakes all the time.  Yesterday I had a typo and misspelled “nudity.”  And recently my flip-flops have been coming apart at the toe, so I’m getting the hobo shoe flap, which makes me trip when I’m going up the stairs sometimes.

But guess what?  That ain’t televised.  I deliberately chose a profession where my mistakes wouldn’t be captured on live television and broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people and then transferred to the Internet where hundreds of thousands more would laugh at me.  My whole life is about minimizing my shame.  It’s why I point out other people’s flaws, you fatass.

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