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This is a clip from Monday’s finale of “Australia’s Next Top Model.” In a beautiful twist of live television, host Sarah Murdoch pulled an epic pump-fake: she mistakenly told the runner-up that she was the winner.

During the live TV finale, Murdoch announced 19-year-old Kelsey Martinovich was the new catwalk queen, defeating runner-up Amanda Ware — and proceeded to let Kelsey celebrate and even give a brief victory speech.

However, moments later, Murdoch became quiet and a shocked look came over her face as she listened to producers in her ear tell her she said the wrong name. [Yahoo]

I have to say, Kelsey handles it well. Murdoch is completely mortified by her mistake, and Kelsey — the girl who just got gut-punched — ends up consoling her. She seems so understanding, non-judgmental, and accepting of disappointment. Coincidentally, that’s everything I look for in a sex partner.

(Note: Don’t miss Amanda’s reaction at 1:55. Best part of the video.)

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