Why Is ‘Pan Am’ Is at Comic-Con?

07.21.11 8 years ago 21 Comments

Much to my surly annoyance, Comic-Con has begun today, filling up my various news feeds with geeky crap about elves and sorcerers and spaceships and vampires and Pokemon and… stewardesses? WTF? Why is ABC’s “Pan Am” at Comic-Con?

Sitting there on the trade show floor is a replicated piece of Pan Am fuselage, staffed by politically incorrect stewardesses in little blue hats and even tinier skirts.

At least one attendee, Martin Gonzales, a 34-year-old shipping clerk, was confused. “I don’t get it,” he said, walking past. “Are there zombies inside?” [NYT Arts Beat]

Holy crap, that’s a great idea. Everyone has been calling “Pan Am” an airline industry rip-off of “Mad Men,” but what if it was a rip-off of “Mad Men” AND “The Walking Dead”? That’s two AMC rip-offs for the price of one! TV’s very first period zombie drama! Frankly, I’m surprised that the Hollywood Story Generator hasn’t already come up with “1960s zombies on a plane” by now.

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