NBC’s Promo For The Upcoming ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Is Like A Blast From The Must See TV Past

There’s never been a more inviting time to take a show out of suspended animation and give it the “revival” treatment. Among the latest crop of television programs returning after a long-ass hiatus is the new go-around of the sitcom Will & Grace. Going off of the promo dropped on the 4th of July, it feels like we’re in for a total throwback.

The promo, which we have nestled above because we believe in patriotic video releases, has the core four (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally) smiling and doing the ol’ slow motion hug treatment. Essentially, it looks like the sort of commercial you’d see during Will & Grace‘s Must See TV heyday. Look! There’s playful poses by names, Karen slapping Jack and some supportive grimacing (I think?) as Grace dances with glee. You could have sandwiched this slice of video between a 15 second spot for Inside Schwartz and a 30 second clip for Good Morning Miami and I would be none the wiser. If this bonus run is about a ritual slaughter cult it sure as sugar isn’t tipping its hand in advance.

Will & Grace, which initially waved goodbye in 2006, will return for a 12-episode run for the 2017-18 season. The debut episode for this limited series engagement is set to premiere on September 28.