Will Annie’s Boobs Be the Victim of … Murder?

Man alive. As if “Community” being on hiatus isn’t torture enough, now details are beginning to leak out about the episodes those bastards at NBC are WITHHOLDING FROM US. We’ve just learned that the show — which has a history of genre mash-ups — will be paying homage to “Law & Order,” the late, great long-running procedural that spawned two decades of copy-cats and basically today’s entire CBS line-up.

The story behind “Basic Lupine Urology” is as zany as you’d expect from Community: The Greendale gang must channel their inner Lennie Briscoes when someone allegedly sabotages their science experiment — the yam they’re attempting to sprout is demolished! — and they decide to investigate the crime.

Once the Human Being in question is unearthed, Annie “Jack McCoy” Edison prosecutes the perp to the fullest extent of the law Greendale’s Code of Conduct.

And yes, yes: The “dun dun” sound effect will be put to good use. But my favorite part? This man will play the judge:

Oh, indeed. How the courtroom chairs have shifted. And if Dan Harmon wanted to get really cute, the defendant could testify while wearing a Starter jacket and tie.

“It’s just Bird to me.”

(Source: TVLine)