Watch Will Arnett Live Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare By Walking Barefoot Over A Bed Of Legos

Stepping on a Lego barefoot has got to be some kind of parental right of passage, because the fun of a toy is only as good as the amount of accidental pain it causes. So it only makes perfect sense that while promoting The LEGO Batman Movie (which finally hits theaters this Friday), Will Arnett agreed to not just step on a Lego, but walk across an entire bed of Legos about 12 feet long on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Sure, why not!

Why anyone would subject themselves to walking (or running, for that matter) over Legos is beyond us. But to his credit, Arnett suffered through the feat with gritty determination, while host Jimmy Kimmel stood by to cheer him on while grinning maniacally. At the very least Kimmel could have joined his guest, even for a step or two, out of solidarity — although admittedly that doesn’t seem much like his style.

Later in the show Arnett talked about his two sons Archie and Abel, who were both even given small parts in the movie. “So one day we had to record on a Saturday and they weren’t at school so they came with me to record and then we needed some voice for these orphans,” he explained to Kimmel. “And I said, you guys might be orphans one day!” Real nice, Bojack.