Is This Beloved Companion Returning To ‘Doctor Who’? Peter Capaldi Thinks So.

Doctor Who‘s 50+ years on television are rife with the many arrivals and departures of new and old cast members, both for the titular role and for the human companion (or companions) who traditionally accompany the space and time-traveling alien all over the universe. Hence why, when it was announced last September that series regular Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) was leaving, fans and the media rekindled the ever-popular discussion about what kind of companion the Doctor should take on next, and who should play them. The current Doctor, Peter Capaldi voiced his opinion on the matter, and once the new companion was revealed in April, the matter was dropped entirely.

However, it seems Capaldi hasn’t let go of the Clara character just yet. That, or he didn’t want to disappoint fans at the Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. on Monday, because he suggested that his fellow convention guest’s so-called “soufflé girl” might return at some point in the near future. Per the Radio Times:

“I’m not sure how successfully Clara was able to wipe his mind,” Capaldi told the crowd alongside fellow guest Coleman, adding “I just… I was about to tell you something I can’t tell you.”

This is a fan-driven convention, obviously, so Capaldi’s accidental pseudo admission of Doctor Who secrets wasn’t going to disappear into the ether. He was bugged about Clara’s potential return incessantly before he finally caved and admitted he and Coleman had “shot something” in which “Clara was still there.” Meanwhile, outgoing showrunner and head writer Steven Moffat was probably ranting and raving in the thickest, angriest Scottish accent imaginable elsewhere — were it not for the fact that he’s leaving after the next season, so what Capaldi says and does in public won’t be his problem for much longer.

If Capaldi’s even telling the truth (*cough* Kit Harington *cough*), then his recent work with Coleman could mean a number of things. It might be for a cameo scene in which Clara, the Doctor, or both wrestle with memories of each other. After all, the former’s departure was due to the fact that all her memories of the latter were wiped for… reasons. Then again, seeing as how audiences won’t be getting any new Doctor Who until Christmas, Capaldi and Coleman’s “something” might not be for the show at all. Perhaps it’s for the new spin-off series Class, which premieres sometime in late 2016.

Either way, viewers won’t know anything concrete for the remainder of the year. Thanks a lot, Capaldi.

Check out Capaldi’s comments, as well as some other highlights from he and Coleman’s Awesome Con appearance, in the video below.

(Via Radio Times and NME)