Will Dexter Die In The ‘Dexter’ Series Finale?

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07.08.13 20 Comments

There’s not a lot of evidence in the show itself strongly suggesting that the title character will die in the Dexter series finale, other than the fact that the series is coming to an end because it’s simply not the kind of show that dabbles in subtle foreshadowing (although, it is quite good at COMPLETELY TIPPING OFF their twists). However, if you read interviews with Dexter’s showrunner and even Michael C. Hall, they not only seem to be suggesting that Dexter will die at the series end, but they seem to be bracing us for it.

Below, I’ve rounded up some choice quotes from those involved with Dexter, and while one statement in isolation doesn’t strongly suggest the character’s death, in combination, it sure as hell seems like that will be the fate that befalls the Bay Harbor Butcher.

SPOILERS ahead. Kind of.

We know from the UK Metro, for instance, that a lot of viewers are going to be “unhappy” about the finale, so says Sara Colleton, Dexter’s showrunner.

“We all know that no matter what we do there are going to be a lot of people who are unhappy with it.

“We’re trying to not think about that and just think of what everyone who has been on the show from the beginning feels is right and that’s all we can do. No matter what we do, we’ll still be excoriated.”

Colleton added that she and her fellow Dexter bosses have known for some time how the show will come to an end.

“We have it all beaten out and we know what it’s going to be,’ she explained.

“Hopefully, it will be satisfying and give some people something to think about with this eight-year journey Dexter has taken and what he’s explored and what he’s tried to do and what he’s tried to become.”

Dexter is also “very very vulnerable” this year, Sara Colleton wants us to know.

“He’s very, very vulnerable this year because of his loss of Deb, so someone coming into your life and saying you’re perfect at the most vulnerable time, he’s pretty subjective to hear.”

Dr. Vogel is the last remaining piece in unlocking Dexter’s life, and with Dexter “solved,” it seems natural for him to die. Here’s Colleton again, on Dr. Vogel:

“She’s always thought of herself as Dexter’s spiritual mother, and Dexter thinks of her as Frankenstein. What’s great about introducing Vogel this year is that she’s the last remaining piece in the puzzle that is Dexter.

Here’s Michael C. Hall on the fate of his own character, in TV Guide:

“Well, he’s certainly a survivor. But there are a lot of cracks in the edifice he’s created for himself. He can’t survive forever in the context we’ve seen him in. Something’s got to give.”

We also know that Hannah McKay will return, probably around mid-season, to mess some sh** up, and it doesn’t appear that she’s going to be all that friendly toward Dexter. From Hypable:

“She will come in and mix everything up. She’s certainly not too happy with the way things happened last year … Hannah brings back a more interesting complication. With Lumen, the act that she needed of revenge, once done, was so burned out that she really couldn’t go on with her life and wouldn’t have need of Dexter, so it makes less sense for her to come, whereas Hannah has a few issues unresolved with Dexter.”

It seems that soon after Hannah McKay arrives, someone will end up in the hospital, according to TV Line, on how the series will end.

With a trip to the hospital. According to sources, the penultimate episode features a slew of medical personnel, including an emergency room doctor, a surgeon, two nurses, two paramedics and a hospital security guard. A major character’s life would have to be in jeopardy to warrant hiring seven guest stars, right?

Finally, the title to the finale episode is “Remember the Monsters,” which — at least according to Hypable — alludes to the possible death of Dexter.

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