Will Ferrell And Molly Shannon Bring Cord And Tish To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Ahead Of The Rose Parade

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12.14.17 2 Comments

Will Ferrell has done some weird things over the years, including starring with Kristen Wiig in a deathly serious Lifetime movie, so it should be no surprise he’s going to host the 2018 Rose Parade on Amazon with Molly Shannon. Both will be in character as Cord and Tish, two veteran day-time news anchors who will bring their brand of fun and parade coverage to this year’s annual show. They’ve only missed one in 2007, due to circumstances they do not want to talk about, but they’ve been there for the others and are ready to make their Amazon debut.

We get to learn a bit about Cord And Tish during this interview. Ferrell’s character is a fitness and health expert, a motivation speaker, a basset hound breeder, and single by choice. Shannon, on the other hand, is a wife, a girlfriend, and a mother to her husband and son, but also writes relationship books. Not as fancy as basset hounds, but who doesn’t love a good book about co-dependency?

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