Please Take A Moment Today And Watch Will Forte’s Truly Awful (But Beautiful) Christopher Walken Impression

To promote this week’s premiere of the new MacGruber series on Peacock, Will Forte stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers, where the former Saturday Night Live alum’s indulged in a hilarious “Day Drinking” segment. After mixing up some pretty disgusting cocktails involving, we kid you not, Cheese Whiz and maple syrup, the two sat down at a booth for some more drinking and reminiscing about their time on SNL.

As Meyers tells it, Forte is a talented sketch writer and performer, but there’s one comedic talent that completely slips his grasp: Doing a passable Christopher Walken impression. Forte just cannot pull it off, and he was even cut out of a sketch because his Walken voice is so terrible. To prove Meyers’ point, Forte busted out his Walken impression on the spot around the 6:15 mark of the clip above, and yup, it’s pretty bad. It’s not exactly clear what he’s trying to do because it sounds nothing like the actor’s iconic speaking voice, but it did leave Seth Meyers dying of laughter. Maybe it was the four shots he just downed, but Meyers couldn’t hold it together while Forte did his awful Walken voice.

After some more bantering, Meyers also revealed that Forte was a beast at never breaking character on SNL, which led to a no holds barred challenge where Forte tried to get Meyers to break, which he did almost immediately, twice in a row. However, on the third attempt, Meyers held so ridiculously strong that he was practically bent backwards over the seat of the booth without making a single reaction. It was as impressive as Forte’s Walken impression was awful.